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‘Business AI must be relevant, reliable, and responsible by design’ – 25 quotes of the week on creativity, innovation and technology >

- by Madanmohan Rao [October 20, 2023]

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We’re entering a decade of deconstruction spurred on by changing consumer values, AI’s explosive growth and the relentless speed of change

We’re starting to see is the beginning of a new 10- to 20-year innovation cycle [with GenAI] that will dwarf what we saw with the internet.

The most fascinating part is that when designed well, we likely don’t even realize AI is there powering that experience.

As the impact of digital transformation grows, we will increasingly see its effects in the emergence of newer business models, including freemium, ad-supported and crowd-funded businesses.

AI transformation is going to follow many of the same rules of digital transformation.

Data has been the backbone of modern businesses, but how it is leveraged makes all the difference.

The AI hype cycle does tend to have a skew towards innovations that do move quicker across the curve — and they tend to be more impactful in what they can do as well.

Assistive AI is a key technology to help organizations manage the explosion of data we're facing today.

Many organisations began their AI journey with an overemphasis on cost optimisation and efficiency. Savvy companies have moved beyond this to focus initiatives on efficacy, quantifiable value and business agility in products and services.

GenAI can certainly perpetuate trends in music but it’s unlikely to actually create trends.

GenAI allows the front office to extract useful information from CRM records and surface relevant insights in the flow of their work, in real time.

In the era of AI and digital transformation, knowledge management's role in contact centers has never been more critical.

The potential for embedding [GenAI] and embracing it all across our IT services value chain is huge.

[Biopharma] companies must address the practical constraints of using GenAI to manage regulatory-grade data generated from clinical trials in transactional systems, as well as less sensitive data used in business systems, such as finance and HR.

While horizontal AI solutions still hold value in providing more generalized capabilities, vertical AI solutions are expected to provide more value in the future as organizations begin to rely more heavily on generative AI.

Many organizations struggle to capture knowledge in a timely manner, but generative AI can enhance their efforts.

Organizations should focus their AI efforts on worker augmentation to improve productivity and quality of work, rather than role automation

GenAI touches every employee. It’s critical that everyone understand its capabilities and what it means for their roles and be part of building for the future.

To keep advancing your career, capitalize on the serendipity of human interaction that machines cannot emulate. Put a heavier emphasis on perfecting in-person human interaction and find ways to differentiate yourself in the real-world.

Curation, management, governance and transparency must become essential parts of the GenAI process if we are to maximise its potential and minimise risks.

Today’s AI maturity can help security analysts, empowering them to do more with less through intelligent assistants and speedier, more intuitive detection and response tools.

GenAI will accelerate the advancement of knowledge and productivity in society and will need checks and balances that protects society from those bad actors who have malicious intent.

When dealing with technology that is advancing this rapidly and is this powerful it will be too late if you do not seek to control it today.

IT leaders must recognize GenAI’s transformative abilities, while simultaneously creating policies to mitigate risks.

Business AI must be relevant, reliable, and responsible by design.

Madanmohan Rao is Co-founder of, and author of 15+ books on innovation, knowledge management, and digital transformation. He can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter