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‘For founders looking for the next great business idea, GenAI could be the spark’ – 25 quotes of the week on creativity, innovation and technology >

- by Madanmohan Rao [September 20, 2023]

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Artists and producers can leverage AI tools to explore diverse musical styles and experiment with unique sounds, thereby expanding the boundaries of musical genres.

We live in a media-saturated world, but the media wouldn’t exist without high-quality creative content — this is where the arts and culture come in.

Across key metrics, such as crew time saved, AI-detected non-compliances, and AI-assisted approval percentage for safety forms, significant efficiencies have emerged.

[Global executives] are deeply worried about the practicality and implications of incorporating GenAI into their operations: limited traceability, potentially poor decision making, investment priorities, data security, and lack of skills.

These [Generative] AI models are immensely powerful when fused with the right input and expertise, but they still need to be framed within the right human governance and feedback structures, ensuring that there is no compromise on quality and accuracy.

Human overconfidence suggests that we have work to do in understanding how AI should augment human skills, rather than merely substituting labor.

Use of GenAI or not, what is true is that companies must still exercise sound intellectual property hygiene.

Success in the age of AI will largely depend on an organization’s ability to learn and change faster than it ever has before.

Generative AI tools are often used as inspiration for designers, but cannot handle the complex engineering and safety considerations that go into actual car design.

Companies must ramp up talent to address two distinct challenges: creating AI and using AI.

By pooling capabilities into a fused center of excellence, companies can ensure the best talent will be centralized and drive a clear, enterprise-wide GenAI strategy.

The massive pretraining and scale of AI foundation models, viral adoption of conversational agents and the proliferation of generative AI applications are heralding a new wave of workforce productivity and machine creativity.

GenAI has the potential to be power tools for WINS work (Words, Images, Numbers, Sounds).

Beyond accessibility and data protection, GenAI also has the power to streamline internal processes and help overstretched government employees better connect with citizens.

Apart from external threats, GenAI also poses a high risk of insider misuse.

Landing in the right place when it comes to AI starts with striking a delicate balance between accelerating innovation and minimizing threats.

Two key types of innovation drive increased profits: new-to-the-world solutions and new-to-the-market solutions.

It is the culture of smart organisations to listen to customers and when you do so, you open the creativity space and thereby impact productivity with innovation.

For many, entrepreneurship isn't just a curious side hobby; it signifies a forward-thinking approach to securing one's financial future while advancing professionally.

Courageous conversations stimulate creativity and innovation, unlocking new insights to drive success. These discussions help bridge divides and create a more inclusive and empathetic world.

Creative industries are not solely engines of economic growth – they shape societies and identities.

Big dreams often start with small beginnings, and we have mompreneurs to prove that. They have shown us that motherhood is not an obstacle but the inspiration to do things better at work and in life.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is the ability to dust yourself down and try again when things go wrong.

For founders looking for the next great business idea, GenAI could be the spark.

Madanmohan Rao is Co-founder of, and author of 15+ books on innovation, knowledge management, and digital transformation. He can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter