Founders need to make an effective pitch, weave in their founder story, and finish on time!
This masterclass shows you how.

A unique feature of the MXR WORLD approach is its emphasis on the quality of the founder's pitches. A week before the event, a carefully-picked selection of founders go through an interactive masterclass on effective pitching and storytelling. This masterclass has been developed by our co-founder Dr. Madanmohan Rao, based on years of research in storytelling and serving on juries of startup competitions.

 This masterclass has already been delivered over the last eight years to thousands of founders via interactions of YourStory Media, TiE Bangalore, corporate accelerator cohorts, and tech/management schools. Entrepreneurs go through the foundations of an effective pitch deck, and learn how to craft their own stories using a visualisation tool called the YourStory Changemaker Story Canvas.

Founders share their stories and pitch decks with the MXR WORLD team for further refinement. For the final event, pitch deck templates are shared in advance, and speaker guidelines are issued to ensure that the pitch is delivered effectively and punctually.

Founders who have been through the masterclass have attested that they find it to be useful, insightful and inspirational. Many founders continue to use the masterclass pitch deck as a resource even long after the masterclass is completed. also offers innovators a masterclass and workshop on useful approaches like Design Thinking. It covers topics like customer journey map, empathy map, ideation, prototyping, iteration, and pivoting. This can be conducted online or in a physical setting. For example, has partnered with the Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship to offer aspiring entrepreneurs a webinar and online workshop in April 2023.