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MXR.world (mixers across the world) is a hybrid media platform for showcasing innovations. The combination of physical event and online platform delivers unique value to innovators, investors, and ecosystem enablers.

MXR solves a number of key problems in the existing scenario of endless startup meetups: many founders do not know how to pitch properly or connect to the ecosystem; investors find it hard to assess new innovations; sponsors do not get effective engagement before, during or after the event; and attendees do not recall what insights were generated. 

To address these issues, MXR provides a unique set of differentiated offerings: a masterclass for founders on effective pitching and storytelling; a carefully curated panel of investors and experts; polls for ongoing audience engagement and matchmaking through a digital platform; and online media to showcase pitchdecks, expert insights, and videos.

All these are captured in the crisp and engaging 5-5-5 format: five innovator pitches, five minutes each, and five experts in a panel discussion. 

The format and quality enablers have been perfected by our founding team, who have 20+ years of experience in the startup ecosystem in India and around the world. 

Physical events are back full on, in the post-pandemic world – and make for unique connections, memorable experiences, and unmatched energy. The digital medium is good for real-time interactions, scale, global reach, and archival resources. 

Put together with a unique format and eye on quality, this hybrid mix makes MXR one-of-a-kind, with vast potential across sectors, cities, countries and languages!