Here’s what the investors, experts, founders, partners, hosts, and attendees like about our unique events!

Investors & Domain Experts >

Madhurima Agarwal
Country Head - Microsoft for Startups, India

It was a very well-organised event, and the startups did a great job of presenting well. The pitch coaching made a huge difference and adds a lot of value. I would strongly recommend that more startups get this opportunity.

Ravikiran A
Co-founder, Numocity

The MXR event was a very nicely curated event with participation from all key stakeholders. I like the format of a smaller audience with a more intense discussion format. Best wishes for the future events!

Dr. Vivek Mansingh
General Partner, YourNest VC Fund

It was a terrific event! It not only encouraged startups from big cities solving global problems, but also startups from smaller cities focused on solving their own regional problems. The panel discussion shared many insights that could help current and potential entrepreneurs.

Mayuresh Raut
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SEA Fund

MXR.world make a great team - the yin and the yang! Looks like a winning platform to get conversations going.

Payal Jain
Principal, LoEstro Advisors LLP

It was a fantastic event, extremely well- organised with a lot of attention to detail. The panel was moderated, with a very engaging discussion on the ecosystem. It was great to hear very passionate entrepreneurs building businesses in edtech. Commendable job to the team for enabling the ecosystem.

Sanjay Jain
Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund

Thank you for a well organized, and well attended event.  It was good to see the energy in the room, and meet the many entrepreneurs who are looking to solve for education.

Ankita Balotia,
Vice President, Fireside Ventures

MXR.World did a great job at curating the right set of founders and panelists for the event. It's a great opportunity for young founders to meet some of the industry experts and learn from their experience. The format is small group, close door conversations fostering a more meaningful interaction.

Rashmi Daga,
Founder & CEO, FreshMenu

Startup pitches and insights in a small intense group is a great idea. We should have more such events, and I look forward to the upcoming mixers.

Deepak Agrawal,
Principal, Dexter Capital Advisors

I enjoyed my time on the panel at the food / D2C event and getting insights from the founders and other experts on the panel. The event was very well curated. We should do many more events like this with the curated audience and event format.

TN Hari

Co-founder, Artha School of Entrepreneurship

This well-curated and interactive event brought out a range of innovations and success factors for entrepreneurs. Diverse perspectives shed light on the growth potential and impact of startups in India, and key lessons were captured online for broader reach.

Naganand Doraswamy
Managing Partner, Ideaspring Capital

Startup pitches and investor insights is a great format to make it meaningful for both entrepreneurs and founders. We should have more events around this format.

Anitha Pratap
Vice President, Programme Lead for Force for Good - India and APAC, JPMorgan Chase

Discussions at MXR on Tech4Good brought a 360-degree view through a highly curated expert panel and audience set-up. Kudos to the organisers for bringing diverse stakeholders together to create an engaging dialogue on how organisations across the spectrum are viewing tech for good as well as how the space is set to evolve.

Manoj Hariharan
Chief Knowledge Officer, Bosch Global Software Technologies

The K-community meetup was very nicely done by MXR in bringing together the stalwarts and the upstarts in Enterprise AI! For someone in the middle like me, this was a perfect learning opportunity. Industry leaders benefit a lot from these interactions in being aware of where the next disruption might come from and who the players are. Startups benefit a lot from the long-term orientation that the leaders showcase. Looking forward to more MXR events!

Dhruti Shah
Author, 'The Resilient Entrepreneur'

A well-organized, brilliantly curated event for the startups in Bangalore and beyond. The event provides a platform to create synergies and successfully leverage the network effects in the startup industry. Kudos to the team members who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this to fruition.

Sandhya Vasudevan
TiE Bengaluru FinTech SIG chair; ex-MD, Deutsche Bank

The MXR.world team ran a very insightful and engaging session. Watch out for more!

Bharat Gera
Founder, HCHE

MXR put together quite an eclectic group of pitches, from wellness to AMR. Getting everyone in a room always leads to interesting conversations across the ecosystem, some of them lead on to path- breaking ventures. It is time well spent by getting to learn what others are doing in the space.

Amit Prakash
Associate Professor, IIIT-Bangalore; Convenor, Centre for Accessibility in the Global South

I really enjoyed being a part of the MXR Tech4Good event. It was very well-curated and organized. The startup presentations as well as the insights shared by the keynote and invited speakers were inspiring and informative.

Pitching Founders >

Javier Jiménez
Founder & CEO, Newborn.Solutions, Spain

Via the EU-India Innocenter, the MXR event gave me the opportunity of showcasing our business and innovation before renowned physicians, hospital management experts, market analysts, and investors. This is a great environment where many things can happen!

Srikanth Sola,
CEO, Devic Earth

An inspring event that had participants laughing, inspired, and making new connections. Thoroughly enjoyed the event and look forward to the next one!

Mateen Abdul,
CEO and Co Founder, Grassroots Energy

Great opportunity to present our clean fuels startup on World Environment Day. Kudos to the MXR team for the focused group concept! The intimate event had a sector focus with the relevant stakeholders to exchange ideas, connect and learn.

Solomon Rufus Jeffrey
Co-founder, Jellies-ai

The event was held in a sleek and modern venue, with a professional setup that exuded an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The stage was set for a day of learning, networking, and pitching, and it was amazing!

Thank you very much for the opportunity. Looking forward to joining more events.

Jeevan M,
Co-founder, Hydrogreens

It was a very practically organised event. Choosing only five startups to pitch gives the investors and the panelists clarity on all the companies. The panelists chosen are in similar domains, which helps us to collaborate and work with them also.

Madhusudhan Chellappa,
Managing Director, Gannet Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Pitching at the MXR event was a great learning experience in itself. The organizers are seasoned navigators of the startup ecosystem and set expectations clearly. This helped me get my pitch right in a short period of time. All speakers on the day made quality contributions, and the event itself was run like clockwork. I would definitely be interested in participating again!

Sravan Appana
CEO, iGo

The Mobility/CleanTech MXR event was organized phenomenally well, bringing together passionate startups that solve real on-the-ground problems in a lucrative space. As a startup ourselves, we recognize the importance of connecting with similar companies working on cutting-edge technologies and building mutually beneficial partnerships to accelerate technology adoption. Events like Mobility/CleanTech MXR are critical for driving innovation and advancing sustainable mobility solutions for a greener tomorrow and a safer today.

Anshul Shrivastava
Co-Founder & CEO, Vodex.ai

The MXR event was an enlightening and engaging experience, providing a valuable platform for experts and enthusiasts alike to share their knowledge and insights on latest technologies like AI. The panel was from diverse background and various AI-based startups, and made for an atmosphere of collaboration and growth. Events like these are vital for driving innovation, fostering connections, and inspiring new ideas in the field of mixed reality.

Abhijeet Chaudhari
Head operations, Tare Zameen Par Trust

It was an amazing experience to participate in the event. All the shortlisted participants were nice. I got the opportunity to share my knowledge and ideas with experienced panelists.

Gaurav Kamath
Co-founder, MicroDegree

Thanks for organising such an insightful event! It was an excellent opportunity to showcase our vision, business model in front of top-notch investor panel and fellow startup enthusiasts. 

Gouthami TS
Founder, Aeronuts India

The organisation and coordination of the event were top-notch, and I was impressed by the level of engagement and interest from the investors and venture capitalists in attendance. I found the atmosphere to be highly supportive and conducive to making valuable connections. The presence of such a diverse and influential group of individuals was an amazing opportunity for me and my co-founder. I am confident that this event will have a lasting impact on our company's future and am grateful for the chance to be a part of it. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the entire organising team for creating such a valuable experience for all involved.

Uttam Kumar Pandey
Founder, Perceived

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the edtech startup investor pitch ecosystem. As one of the finalists, I am humbled and honored to have been considered among the best in the industry, and I appreciate the recognition and support that you have given to our startup.

Your feedback, insights, and encouragement have been invaluable to us as we continue to refine our vision and business strategy. Your commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the edtech sector is truly inspiring, and we are grateful to be a part of this ecosystem.

Thank you again for your time, consideration, and support.

Attendees >

Mala Mary Martina
CEO & Founder of I Love Mondays, Teeninterns.com & The Expression Society

My team and I had a good time at this event. Great line up of speakers and relevant stakeholders meeting to exchange ideas, connect and learn. Love this innovative format of MXR!

Sheebaa Ali
Founder, IT IS Consultancy

It was a great experience to attend the event, I met many budding entrepreneurs!

Kanchan Dwivedi
Founder, LoanGini

Watched crisp pitches & heard from the experts!

CA Sudhakar Bhaskar
Managing Partner, ACS

The session was amazing, lot to learn from the crew. Look forward to more of such events.