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MXR Events in SEPTEMBER 2023

MXR Travel

Venue: Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, HSR Layout, Bengaluru
5-7 pm, September 27th,

Sign up for our MXR TRAVEL event on Sep 27, 5-7 pm, to meet entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem enablers!

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has celebrated World Tourism Day on September 27. (‘mixers across the world’) is holding a meetup on Wednesday September 27, 5-7 pm for startups in tourism and travel, along with influencers, investors, and ecosystem enablers.

Held at Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) in Bengaluru, and spread awareness about opportunities in the tourism economy, sustainable travel, tourist platforms, B2B workflow, B2C analytics, and much more!

Mysuru Tech4Good MXR

Venue: Heritage House, Saraswathipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009
5-7 pm, September 24th, is delighted to kick off its fourth Tech4Good MXR event, following up on the highly successful first three sessions. The event featured pitches from entrepreneurs with social impact, and insights from experts and investors in inclusive cultural education, heritage preservation, literature and arts, local wellness and health.

The curated audience includes ecosystem enablers such as accelerators, media houses, artists, local entrepreneurs, cultural practitioners among others. Taken together, the two-hour meetup yielded productive matchmaking and discussion on trends in this space and scaling strategies for entrepreneurs and stakeholders. 

MXR Events in AUGUST 2023

MXR Sports: The Race of Opportunity

Venue: Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, HSR Layout, Bengaluru
5-7 pm, August 29th,

National Sports Day in India is celebrated on 29 August, marking the birth anniversary of legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand. (‘mixers across the world’) held a meetup for sports-related startups, influencers, and enablers of the sports ecosystem.

The entrepreneurs and experts at the meetup shared what they are doing in this space, progress so far, plans for the future, inspiring stories of impact, trends in the sports market in India, and recommendations for ecosystem growth.

MXR Tech4Good: Innovation and Impact

Venue: Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, HSR Layout, Bengaluru
5-7 pm, August 25th,

Our third Tech4Good event featured 5 outstanding pitches from entrepreneurs with social impact. The panel of experts and investors shared insights on inclusive health, education opportunities, democratisation of AI, and local language content. There were also a special delegation from the US, exploring opportunities for cross-border collaboration.

MXR World Photography Day - Immersion, Ideas, Impact!

Venue: Starbucks (Vittal Mallya Road, near UB City), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
10am-1pm IST, August 19th

This unique MXR PHOTO panel featured eight outstanding photo-entrepreneurs and artists, on the occasion of World Photography Day. We discussed careers and entrepreneurship opportunities for photographers, trends such as the rise of GenAI, and social impact of photography.

Smart Work MXR: Automation & Beyond

Venue: Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, Bangalore
5-7 pm IST, August 16th

This highly-interactive and engaging meetup will address a wide range of issues, including: What are the opportunities, challenges and impacts of enterprise tech? How are startups and investors eyeing this AI/ML space? How are corporates and tech firms innovating in this space, and engaging with startups? What is the AI ecosystem opportunity for India? What are the broader legal and ethical implications of deep-tech? 

CWE MXR Circular Economy: Innovating for a Greener Tomorrow

Venue: Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, Bangalore
3-5 pm IST, August 3rd

Climate change and urban pollution are creating havoc across the world, calling for a range of urgent measures. Circular economy solutions are one such approach for environmental sustainability, while also generating business value. This unique event features pitches by 5 women entrepreneurs followed by a panel of 5 investors/experts, and keynotes. The audience includes tech firms, marketing experts, talent recruiters, banks, lawyers, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

MXR Events in JULY 2023

MXR Matrix Innovation Showcase

Venue: Accel Launchpad, Koramangala, Bangalore
5-7 pm IST; July 20

This eagerly-anticipated session features pitches by five award-winner startups from TiE Bangalore’s flagship Matrix Global Summit 2023, and an investor panel with five investors. The startups have developed solutions in urban analytics, ML-based document processing, waste water management, agri-spray, and assistive technology.

Two more Deeptech events will be held in August and September, featuring 10 more startups.

MXR Events in JUNE 2023

MXR Food: Opportunities for FoodTech and D2C brands

Venue: WeWork Roshni Tech Hub, Marathahalli
10am - 1pm IST; June 03

The pandemic accelerated two long-lasting trends: awareness on healthy food, and the D2C model for brands. This meetup will feature pitches by 5 startups in the space of foodtech and D2C brands, followed by a panel of 5 investors and domain experts. The audience will include ecosystem enablers like digital marketing agencies, recruiting firms, tech companies, banks, lawyers, and government agencies. 

MXR WED: World Environment Day – Innovating for Impact

Venue: Starbucks (Vittal Mallya Road), Bangalore
10 am – 1 pm, IST; June 4

With the world’s largest population, India faces huge challenges in terms of natural resource management, environmental pollution, wildlife preservation, climate uncertainty, and quality of urban habitats. But it also has a vast pool of entrepreneurial talent, vibrant startup ecosystem, and cross-industry collaborations. This unique session will bring together startups, large corporates, domain experts, and civil society organisations to discuss the role of innovation in environmental solutions, and how they can be scaled.

MXR GAI – ChatGPT and Future AI Frontiers

Venue: Taj West End hotel, Bangalore
3-4 pm IST, June 8

The impact of generative AI (GAI) like ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, with much excitement and fierce debate about tech opportunities, business collaborations, user risks, legal ramifications, and ethical issues. These topics take centre stage at the CII Global Knowledge Summit, where will be showcasing a panel with 5 startups in the space of generative AI along with enterprise use cases.

Tech4Good MXR II: Sustainability with Scale

Venue: Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, Bangalore
5-7 pm, IST, June 9

Back by popular demand, our second monthly Tech4Good event will feature 5 pitches from social enterprises and NGOs as well as insights from 5 experts and investors in the space of affordable technology, sustainable development, creative media, assistive tech, and social inclusion. We are grateful to the Digital Empowerment Foundation for being a lead sponsor for this important series of events which brings together government, private sector, and civil society players.

MAY 18th SPEAKERS (Cross-border Innovation)

Divya Bajaj

Vice President London & Partners

Natsuko Mochizuki

Co-founder and CEO, MiraIndia

Joseph Abraham

Consul for Trade & Economic Affairs Israel consulate in Bangalore

Sujith Shyamanur

Senior Trade & Investment Officer Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Ravindra Krishnappa

Managing Partner, July Ventures

Somshubhro Pal

Partner Bharat Innovation Fund

Siddhartha Anand
Vice President Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM)


Research Director at YourStory (Moderator)




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